Sophie Tarbuck

Preston Connection. Each concrete tiles 150(h) x 90(w) x 10(d)
Variable compositions


Preston Connection is a set of five interconnecting concrete tiles that may be assembled in multiple combinations and compositions, each time producing a unique piece of work. Inspired by Preston Bus Station, the piece was developed as part of an ongoing study of concrete car parks in the UK.

Preston Bus Station, built in 1969 and designed by Keith Ingham of Building Design Partnership (BDP), is representative of a time when advances in the technology of reinforced concrete together with a rapidly expanding traffic infrastructure brought architectural innovation on a grand scale. Concrete allowed the architect greater freedom to explore new sculptural forms. Never before had any other material allowed such dramatic use of space. At the time of construction, this boldly sculptural and futuristic building was said to be the largest building of its kind in the world.

The structure and materials used for the tiles echo those of the building. The ridge in the design curves left and right, up and down – just like the ramps system in the building.

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